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From the Race
DIVISION 7 Infineon Raceway
Sonoma, Calif., July 1-3
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“the Woz” Mark Woznichak and the Rancho Framing team had a Great 4th of July racing
weekend, winning the Team Superstores NHRA Summer Nationals event at Infineon
Raceway in Sonoma, CA.

The Rancho Framing                   /   White Cap             /
Direct Transport  Camaro Top Alcohol
Funny Car qualified in the 4th position with a 5.712 @ 251.67 mph. 17 cars showed up for
the always tough Division 7 race and we were pleased to be in the top half of the 8 car field,
but felt the car could run even better. In the 1st round against Dennis Taylor’s Plumbing
Concepts Camaro, crew chief Gerry Woznichak tuned the car just right, to produce a 5.630
@ 255.77 mph for low E.T. of the race and just missing Top Speed by .20 mph. That great
run coupled with Mark’s .040 reaction time, put the Rancho Framing team into the next
round with Doug Gordon. The Semi Final round turned into a peddle fest when both cars
shook hard. They left almost even with the Woz having a slight advantage of .075 to Doug’s .
077 reaction time. By 60 feet Doug pulled ahead of Mark, but then went into tire shake
causing his chute to deploy, meanwhile Mark’s car was a little aggressive and he was
having his own problems. He had to lift when his car started having tire shake and he was
drifting towards the center line. Once Mark had the car straightened out and realized he was
still ahead, he got back into the throttle and motored down to about the 1000 foot mark
when the blower belt broke from being peddled. He coasted through for the win with a 6.39
@ 180 mph as Doug was chasing him down with the chute out and ran a 6.84 @ 143 mph. In
the Final round Mark lined up with John Weaver in the Meer Capitol Partners who beat Mark
at the previous race in Bakersfield, CA. Mark left on John by .037 seconds and the car was
calmed down a bit which resulted in a 5.70 to Johns 5.82 with a Margin of Victory of .1579
seconds. This is our first Win of the year and the win is mostly due to us changing the way
we run our operation. We have been running good, but just could not seem to get a win.
The Rancho Framing team has all the pieces in place and we intend to keep the momentum

The Woz would really like to say Thanks to all the people who have helped and contributed
to us winning our first race of the year.

Rancho Framing Inc.– California’s Premier Framer. Building the finest homes through out

Associate Sponsors:

White Cap Construction Supply

Direct Transport – Trucking

Stephan J. Johnson – Attorney at Law

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Water One – Water Treatment Products

NGK Spark Plugs

Color by Woz Collision Repair

John Shafer Investments

Pacific Dry Wall - Las Vegas, NV

Crew Chief: Gerry Woznichak
Crew: Gene Gibson, Eric Hjermstad, Steve Johnson, John Shafer and Laura Woznichak &
Sylvia Woznichak.

Horsepower provided by Bob Miner and Miner Bros. Racing. 526 c.i. MBR billet Aluminum
Results from Drag Race Central:  DRC News on Event
SONOMA, Calif. - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag
Racing Series, Pacific Division, event at Infineon Raceway listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top
speed, and position in order following run:

Left Lane: Bret Williamson Runs 6.348/231.44, Now #4
Right Lane:
Mark Woznichak Runs 5.814/245.00, Now #1

Two of the best looking TAFC's in Div. 7 come to the line to qualify. Both cars use a lot of race track.
Williamson overpowers the race track, lifts, and continues. Woz makes a snaky pass into the current
#1 spot. Drake is on the bump with a 9.231 ET.

Notes from round 2 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car:
Left Lane:
Mark Woznichak Runs 5.712/251.67, Now #2; Best prior run: 5.814/245.00, Was #6
Right Lane: Steve Gasparrelli Runs 8.354/108.88, Now #6; Best prior run: 5.773/245.45, Was #5

The "other Miner brother" is tuning the WOZ's car and did his home work on this pass, as we get
another new number two qualifier. Gasparrelli joins the right lane blues club and has to lift when the
car gets out of shape.

Notes from final, round 3 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car:
Left Lane: John Weaver Runs 5.878/247.93, Now #2; Best prior run: 5.667/255.97, Was #2
Right Lane:
Mark Woznichak Runs 5.732/252.71, Now #4; Best prior run: 5.712/251.67, Was #4

Last pair of the weekend! Bob Miner tunes the car to a consistent pass, but doesn't improve. Weaver
looked like a nitro car with a cylinder out on the left bank.

SONOMA, Calif. - Final order after 3 rounds of qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Lucas
Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division, event at Infineon Raceway:

Psn---Num-Driver, Home Town, Car Type---------------Qual-ET--Qual-Spd-Top Spd

1    9 Doug Gordon, Paso Robles CA, '04 Camaro         5.653  253.18  253.18
2   62 John Weaver, Newport Beach CA, '05 Camaro    5.667  255.97  255.97
3 6515 Brian Hough, Junction City OR, '04 Firebird       5.674  253.85  253.85
4  703 Mark Woznichak, Riverside CA, '02 Camaro       5.712  251.67  252.71
5    4 Dennis Taylor, Anaheim CA, '05 Camaro              5.737  250.46  250.46
6   43 Steve Gasparrelli, West Covina CA, '02 Firebird  5.773  245.45  250.00
7  727 Ron August Jr, Pleasanton CA, '04 Camaro        5.818  252.95  252.95
8  757 Larry Miner, Lodi CA, '02 Firebird                        5.831  252.33  252.33

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9   73 Bret Williamson, Campbell CA, '01 Corvette        5.843  242.67  242.67
10  799 Sean Bellemeur, Fullerton CA, '98 Cutlass        5.858  248.52  248.52
11  715 Mike Drake, Glendora CA, '01 Avenger             5.953  240.94  240.94
12  756 Don Hudson, Stockton CA, '02 Camaro             5.977  243.28  243.28
13 7507 Paul Crifasi, Las Vegas NV, '00 Advenger        6.120  228.46  228.46
14 7306 Jeff Carroll, Santa Barbara CA, '05 Monte Carl 6.155  194.21  194.21
15  762 Bil Gallio, Anaheim CA, '02 Camaro                   6.339  234.04  234.04
16   78 Mert Littlefield, Garden Grove CA, '05 Monte C  7.068  131.87  131.87
17   74 John Patton, Peoria AZ, '04 Trans Am                DQ   

SONOMA, Calif. - Results of round 1 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag
Racing Series, Pacific Division, event at Infineon Raceway:

4 Dennis Taylor                         
703 Mark Woznichak               
E1                   0.132  5.767 234.21    
 ****WINNER****  0.040  5.630 255.77
Qualified:             #5  5.737 250.46                        #4  5.712 251.67
Last pair of great first round racing. These two qualified within .02 of each other and don't disappoint.
The Woz finds almost a tenth and leaves first to boot. Taylor was right there with an ET close to his
qualifying time.
12:39 p.m. Woznichak will have lane choice over Gordon next round. Gasparrelli will have the
advantage over Weaver.

SONOMA, Calif. - Results of round 2 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny Car:
9 Doug Gordon                          
 703 Mark Woznichak               
E2                   0.077  6.840 143.58    
 ****WINNER****  0.075  6.394 180.43
Prior rounds:
E1    (L Miner     ) 0.057  5.683 237.46      (D Taylor    ) 0.040  5.630 255.77
Qualified:             #1  5.653 253.18                        #4  5.712 251.67
Well, that was ugly! Both cars leave together and Gordon is starting to pull ahead, when the parachute
deploys. He stays with it all the way down the track chasing Woznichak. Woznichak as his own
problems in the right lane getting the power down and slows significantly. This will give lane choice to
Weaver in the final.
SONOMA, Calif. - Results of final, round 3 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Lucas Oil
Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division, event at Infineon Raceway:

62 John Weaver                          
 703 Mark Woznichak               
E3                   0.130  5.820 247.97     
****WINNER****  0.093  5.700 252.95
Prior rounds:
E2    (S Gasparrell) 0.103  5.698 252.10      (D Gordon    ) 0.075  6.394 180.43
E1    (R August Jr.) 0.084  5.780 251.44      (D Taylor    ) 0.040  5.630 255.77
Qualified:             #2  5.667 255.97                        #4  5.712 251.67
4:40 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 77 degrees, relative humidity 48 percent, barometer
29.90 inches.
The Woz is out first and just pulls away strongly to take the win. Both cars make clean and straight
runs, but Weaver slows a little from his earlier performance. The Rancho Framing Team shows that
they can win at any track.