Sept 20 - 22  2013
The Direct Transport / Water One / Color by Woz / Racing Team made the 1400 mile journey to Dallas Texas
for The the Texas Nationals only to have Mother Nature rain out the first day of qualifying on Friday. In the
first round of qualifying on Saturday,  Mark ran a soft 5.68 @ 257 mph which put him in the #9 spot. In the 2nd
and final round of qualifying the car stepped up two hundredths to a 5.66 also @ 257 mph, which left Mark in
the #10 spot.  Because of the rain we lost our third qualifying attempt and went into the first round on
Saturday night. Our first round opponent was Doug Gordon who had qualified #7 with a 5.62. We improved  
three hundredths to a 5.63 @ 258 mph, but it was not enough to beat Doug who matched his qualifying time
with another 5.62 @ 256 mph. Although we lost in the first round we continue to improve with help from our
tuning consultant Adam Rhoades. So far this year this year we have run our best E.T. and mph 5.584 @
258.91. There are 2 races left this year  and we would like to put
The Woz in the winners circle.

Results from
ENNIS, Texas - DALLAS - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Mello Yello
Drag Racing Series, 28th annual AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top
speed, and position in order following run:
Left Lane: Billy Davis      Runs 5.847/215.41, Now #2
Right Lane
: Mark Woznichak   Runs 5.689/257.87, Now #1
Davis made a quick move toward the centerline, but reeled it in before he lifted early. Woznichak with a good
clean pass to start the weekend. Mark Woznichak's incremental times: 60ft-0.999 sec., 330ft-2.568,
660ft-3.779/204.42 mph, 1,000ft-4.815.

Notes from final, round 2 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car:
Left Lane:
Mark Woznichak   Runs 5.669/257.73, Now #10
                           Best prior run: 5.689/257.87, Was #10
Right Lane: Billy Davis      Runs 8.421/105.18, Now #15
                           Best prior run: 5.847/215.41, Was #15
Woznichak with another good looking pass, but he will will not improve. Mark Woznichak's incremental times:
60ft-0.987 sec., 330ft-2.547, 660ft-3.760/204.73 mph, 1,000ft-4.796. Davis shook early and clicked it off.

ENNIS, Texas - FastNews Network - Final order after 2 rounds of qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the
NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, 28th annual AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals:  Psn  Driver               
Vehicle                            ET   Speed
1. Frank Manzo          Al-Anabi Monte Carlo            5.502  264.86
2. Annie Whiteley       Y-Not Racing Mustang            5.521  259.66
3. Shane Westerfield    CP-Carrillo Monte Carlo         5.545  259.96
4. Jay Payne            PEAK/FireIce Mustang            5.559  260.31
5. Chris Foster         Mustang                         5.583  258.91
6. John Lombardo Jr.    NAPA Batteries/Lucas Oil Monte  5.588  261.42
7. Doug Gordon          Morro Bay Cabinets Racing Must  5.629  256.80
8. Bryan Brown Monte Carl  5.658  252.05
9. Dan Pomponio         Pomponio Racing Monte Carlo     5.662  255.97
10. Mark Woznichak       Water One/Direct Transport Mon  5.669  257.87
11. Steve Gasparrelli    ECS/Gasparrelli Racing Monte C  5.695  257.92
12. Ray Drew             Ray Drew Racing Firebird        5.720  253.66
13. Lance Van Hauen      Roling Chevrolet Camaro         5.741  246.17
14. Steve Burck          ARC Speciaties/Tigerflow Camar  5.770  249.12
15. Billy Davis          Royal Purple Avenger            5.847  215.41
16. Ro Yale              Carbon Fiber Tech Daytona       6.006  239.74
   --------- Not Qualified ---------
17. Brian Hough          Olympus Trailers/Lucas Oil Mus  6.500  252.33
18. Tony Bartone         RYCO Hydraulics Mustang         7.098  121.62
19. Mark Billington      Thunder Alley Monte Carlo       7.417  208.07

Results of round 1 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny:
(W) Doug Gordon (Morro Bay Cabinets Racing Must 0.074      5.626 256.89
Mark Woznichak (Water One/Direct Transport  0.095      5.631 258.52

Gordon is 4 - 2 against Woznichak in prior events. Gordon with the starting line advantage and never trailed
for the win. Doug Gordon's MOV: 0.0268 seconds (approximately 10 feet).
Eric helping Mark suit up
Cleaning the hides
Q1 Launch
Tuning up the clutch
Pit area
Our sponsor Direct Transport
Ready for Q1
Travis Walsh helping
Motorplex Tower
Edwin Castro helped drive the rig 1400 miles
Steve Johnson was there too
Adam pulling Mark into the lights Q2
Mr & Mrs WOZ
MBR Power
Getting complicated
First round backing up
Waaaa we lost
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