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Car is back on track after having a tire shake problem at the end of the 2005
season. Our first run was a 5.88 @ 245, the car was weak on the beginning of
the run, but ran good on the top end. On the 2nd we hopped up the motor and
the car responded with 5.75 @ 250, and that was with Mark having to peddle
the car once as it drifted toward the guard rail. On the last Qualifying pass the
car was on a good pass running 2.49 to the 330 foot mark which is good enough
to run a Low 5.60 or a high 5.50, when it drifted toward the center line and
Mark had to lift. We found the reason the car kept pulling toward the left and
corrected the problem for the first round. We felt confident going into the first
round against Brian Hough, as long as the car went straight it could easily run a
low 5.60 or better. Unfortunately one of our crew members let us down by
stripping a valve cover nut causing the car to leak oil on the right rear tire.
When Mark launched, the car made a violent move toward the right guardrail
forcing him to lift, giving the win to Brian. By the way if you know Mark, that
crew member is hanging by his thumbs in a dark corner of the shop.

Here are the results From

POMONA, Calif. - POMONA 1 - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Top Alcohol
Funny Car at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 46th annual CARQUEST
Auto Parts Winternationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed,
and position in order following run:

Left Lane: Bernie HarringtonRuns 6.060/186.46, Now #9
Right Lane: Mark Woznichak   Runs 5.888/245.09, Now #7
Harrington's ru looked good early, but he started losing steam at half track.
"Woz" had just the opposite pattern, his car slow off the line, then strong on the
top end.

POMONA, Calif. - POMONA 1 - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Top Alcohol
Funny Car

Left Lane: Mark Woznichak   Runs 5.756/250.60, Now #7
                   Best prior run: 5.888/245.09, Was #12
Right Lane: Bucky Austin     Runs 5.769/255.82, Now #4
                   Best prior run: 5.670/247.66, Was #4
Lots of moving around in both lanes. They get them back straight and "The Woz"
get the final advantage, moving up to the current #7 spot. Austin's car had a lot
of shake and slows.

POMONA, Calif. - POMONA 1 - Notes from final, round 3 qualifying in Top
Alcohol Funny Car

Left Lane: John Weaver      Runs 5.760/250.37, Now #11
                   Best prior run: 5.787/248.29, Was #11
Right Lane: Mark Woznichak   Runs 6.576/146.43, Now #10
                   Best prior run: 5.756/250.60, Was #10
Both cars move towards the center line and Woz has to lift. Weaver pulls it back
to the center of the lane and still improves on his prior runs. He will stay #11
for now.

POMONA, Calif. - SUMMIT FastNews - Final order after 3 rounds of qualifying
in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 46th
annual CARQUEST Auto Parts Winternationals:

Psn  Driver                 Vehicle                             ET   Speed
1. Jay Payne             Valvoline Camaro                   5.587  257.48
2. Frank Manzo          Lucas Oil Monte Carlo             5.599  258.37
3. Ron August Jr         Camaro                             5.620  256.60
4. Jason Rupert          Camaro                             5.646  255.05
5. Pete Swayne           espriTV Firebird                  5.655  252.52
6. Brian Hough           Jerry's Towing Firebird           5.668  254.52
7. Bucky Austin           Buckys Muffler Firebird          5.670  255.82
8. Doug Gordon           Morro Bay Cabinets Camaro      5.716  250.13
9. Dennis Taylor          Plumbing Concepts Camaro        5.732  252.38
10. John Patton           Foolish Money II Firebird         5.738  250.32
11. Mark Woznichak      Rancho Framing Camaro            5.756  250.60
12. John Weaver          Meer Capital Partners Camaro    5.760  250.37
13. Steve Gasparrelli     Gasparrelli Racing Monte Carlo    5.828  246.21
14. Bil Gallio              Gallio Motorsports Camaro         5.830  243.85
15. Jeff Carroll          Y Be Monte Carlo     5.853  242.93
16. Bernie Harrington    Harrington M'Sports Camaro      5.864  243.33
--------- Not Qualified ---------
17. Sean Bellemeur       Cutlass                             5.921  246.26
18. Rian Konno           Lemon & Konno Racing Trans Am   5.946  243.72
19. Mert Littlefield     Monte Carlo                         5.954  206.39
20. Mike Drake           Barnett Transportation Avenger  5.966  238.98
21. Ross Stickler        National Guard Corvette            6.036  244.34
22. Dale Van Gundy       Van Gundy & Clark Camaro        6.059  236.51
23. Bob Gallio           Gallio Motorsports Camaro           6.382  225.56

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