April 6-9   Las Vegas NV
John & Gerry doing a little maintenance between races

The   Rancho Framing   /   White Cap      / Direct Transport Camaro Top Alcohol Funny Car Started the racing
weekend on a positive note. We qualified in the 4th position out of 26 cars at the always tough NHRA
SummitRacing.com Nationals in Las Vegas, NV.  On our first qualifying pass we ran an on and off the throttle
tire shaking 6.014/246.53. In the next qualifying session we ran a 5.700/252.43 which would end up being
good enough to hold on to the #4 qualifying position.  In the 3rd and final qualifying session Mark went into
immediate tire shake and then smoked the tires, only running a 10 second run.  For the first round we made
some changes to make the car more consistent on the hot race surface.  Our first round opponent was
Brandon Lewis, who was in as an alternate for John Weaver who failed to make the call for the first round.
Brandon left first with a .036 reaction time to Mark’s .065 and ran his best run of the weekend a 5.758/248.98
to Mark’s 5.743/249.67 wining the race by 0.0127 seconds (approximately 5 feet) sending us home for the
weekend.  We really enjoyed our first of three back to back racing weekends we will have this year. We had a
semi final finish at Houston and qualified well for one of the toughest fields in Alcohol Funny Car and put
over 4000 miles on our new truck, it has been a busy couple of weeks.
Our next race is the Division 7 race in Bakersfield, CA May 19th – 21st . Thanks to everyone who makes this
possible, we couldn't do it without your support. And a special thanks to Pacific Drywall and Paint of Las

Here are the results from

LAS VEGAS - LAS VEGAS 1 - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA
POWERade Drag Racing Series, Seventh annual NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals listing lane, driver
name, elapsed time, top speed, and position in order following run:

Left Lane: Mark Woznichak   Runs 6.014/246.53, Now #5
Right Lane: Randy Parker     Runs 9.238/106.66, Now #7
Parker launched, shook, and shut off. Woznichak shook early, pedaled and continued.

Notes from round 2 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car

Left Lane: Jason Rupert     Runs 5.707/252.76, Now #5                 
 Pictures on the Internet:
                       Best prior run: 15.794/77.15, Was #25
Right Lane: Mark Woznichak   Runs 5.700/252.43, Now #4
                       Best prior run: 6.014/246.53, Was #20
Rupert encountered severe shake on his first try. He avoided that with style here, making a pretty run to
bump Patton. Woznichak did even better after similar first run, bumping Sean Bellemour. Now Jeff Carroll is
on the bump spot at 5.840.

Notes from final, round 3 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car

Left Lane: Doug Gordon      Runs 5.774/248.93, Now #14
                       Best prior run: 5.808/248.75, Was #14
Right Lane: Mark Woznichak   Runs 10.028/117.13, Now #4
                       Best prior run: 5.700/252.43, Was #4
Woznichak shook and lifted. Gordon made a nice run to improve his time, but stayed 14th.

Saturday Order for Qualifying Round 3
LAS VEGAS - SUMMIT FastNews - Final order after 3 rounds of qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the
NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, Seventh annual NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals:  

Driver                                    Vehicle                                                ET   Speed   
1. Jay Payne                    Valvoline Camaro                                        5.601  258.62    
2. Cy Chesterman          Chippewa Spring Water Monte Ca          5.658  253.09    
3. Bucky Austin              Buckys Muffler Monte Carlo                      5.693  254.38   
4. Mark Woznichak    Rancho Framing Camaro              5.700  252.43    
5. Jason Rupert              Monte Carlo                                                  5.707  252.76    
6. Danny Townsend       Parkertech/VIPSports Stratus                 5.713  252.00    
7. Steve Gasparrelli       Gasparrelli Racing Firebird                       5.715  248.34    
8. Brian Hough               Jerry's Towing Firebird                              5.716  252.38    
9. Ron August Jr            Camaro                                                           5.717  254.04   
10. Hank Coolidge         Pro Automotive Firebird                             5.726  250.69   
11. Dennis Taylor          Plumbing Concepts Camaro                      5.729  252.71   
12. Don Hudson             Red Line Oil/Vasser Chevrolet                  5.743  250.18   
13. John Weaver            Meer Capital Partners Camaro                  5.774  250.23   
14. Doug Gordon           Morro Bay Cabinets Camaro                     5.774  248.93   
15. Bernie Harrington    Harrington M'Sports Camaro                   5.818  244.92   
16. John Patton              Foolish Money II Firebird                            5.819  247.75           
--------- Not Qualified ---------  
17. Brandon Lewis        A.T.T.A. Fuel Tanks Monte Carl                5.833  247.84   
18. Jeff Carroll               Y Be Normal.com Monte Carlo                  5.840  249.21   
19. Sean Bellemeur       Cutlass                                                          5.854  248.25   
20. Paul Crifasi              Racer Chick Honda                                     5.957  239.23   
21. Mike Drake              Barnett Transportation Avenger               5.980  242.89   
22. Ross Stickler            National Guard Corvette                          5.985  239.14   
23. Dale Van Gundy       Van Gundy & Clark Firebird                    6.056  236.84   
24. Randy Parker          The Mercedes Shoppe Camaro               6.095  238.22   
25. Mert Littlefield          BGI Monte Carlo                                           6.201  221.4

LAS VEGAS - SUMMIT FastNews - Results of round 1 eliminations in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA
POWERade Drag Racing Series, Seventh annual NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals:
W/L  Driver                                     R-Time    E-Time Speed
(W) Brandon Lewis (A.T.T.A. Fuel Tanks Monte Car0.038      5.758 248.98
(L) Mark Woznichak (Rancho Framing Camaro)     0.065       5.743249.67

Lewis was in as first-alternate, replacing John Weaver. He pulled off a big upset here, on a holeshot.
Brandon Lewis' incremental margins: 60ft(0.020), 330 ft(0.016), 660ft(0.013), 1,000ft(0.014). MOV: 0.0127
seconds (approximately 5 feet). However, he lost lane choice to Rupert by 0.002 seconds.
Alcohol Racing Pictures from Vegas